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"No one should have to spend hours looking for or paying for information to find college baseball programs. After my son’s sophomore year of high school, we became very frustrated with the incomplete information we found on the internet. They had broken or outdated links, were difficult to navigate, or wanted us to pay for the information. That frustrated me immensely and The Baseball Observer was born. I made a vow to create a site where a player, parent or coach could go and easily navigate to find current and updated information on every college baseball program in the U.S. with the ability to search by state and provide links to their specific baseball website including a map of where each school was in that state. All information and all links are "hand tested" tested and verified good once a year to stay as up-to-date and current as possible."

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Yak Bats is a premium wood baseball bat manufacturer out of Fort
Wayne, IN. Our process starts with locating the finest quality wood from the Atlantic northeast. We then carefully sculpt the wood by hand into a beautiful and
reliable bat. After carving the wood, the bat goes through a vigorous
inspection. If it
passes, the bat gets boned with a genuine yak femur bone, painted or stained, and finally sealed with a custom blend of hardeners.
Lastly, the bat goes through one more visual inspection before being packed up and
shipped to you upon approval.